Computer Repairs

We operate in Yeovil and the surrounding areas, seven days a week between 8:30AM and 8:00PM, call us on 01935 426652 or 07799 051770 for a fast and reliable service, or email us and we'll respond within 24 hours.

Repair Service

Our most commonly used service has a minimum charge of 20. It also has a maximum charge of 60 for labour hours; this means that no matter how long it takes us to resolve your problem you will only pay a maximum of 60.00 for the labour. Additional costs may arise if parts are required.

Laptop Hardware Repair

At times it is necessary to send a laptop off for further diagnosis and repair. This service has a non refundable charge of 40 which covers the cost of courier fees. A more accurate repair cost can then be given and if you go ahead with the repair the 40 is deducted from the final price.

Virus/Malware Detection and Removal

Malicious Software or 'Malware' covers a multitude of sins which include Worms, Trojans, Spyware, Key Loggers and Dialers to name a few. Malware causes all manners of problems, your computer can become unbearably slow and unstable, your browser may be hijacked, pop-up ads appear all the time, web sites you visit are all tracked, your files may be accessed by others and your passwords can be logged and sent out. We will remove all viruses and malware from your system and provide practical advice to ensure that your computing experience remains an enjoyable one.

Memory Installation

Ideally Windows XP should have a minimum 1GB of RAM, Windows Vista and Windows 7 should have 2GB. Adding memory is one of the best ways to speed up your system. We will assess your computer and advise you on the best memory upgrade option, we can then purchase the memory on your behalf and complete the installation on delivery.

The price of the memory is not included.

Hardware Installation / PC Upgrade

This service applies to motherboards, processors, power supply units, optical drives, hard drives, sound cards, graphic cards and other internal upgrades. We will make sure suitable components are installed, drivers updated and provided software is installed.

The price of any components is not included. Some upgrades are not available for laptops. The installation of a motherboard or processor may require a fresh operating system installation incurring additional costs.

Operating System Installation

We will check your computer to make sure it can accept the new operating system, if not we'll discuss your options. We'll install the new operating system, setting up user accounts and settings and install all updates.

The price of the operating system is not included.

Data Backup / Restore

If you have not taken a recent backup of your important files you are at risk at losing them if your computer should fail for any reason. Let us discuss the best options for backing up those important photographs, music and working documents with you.

Router Installation / Setup

We will configure your routers security settings, connect your computer (wired or wireless) and set up your email account for you.

Data Recovery

We can help recover lost files using various data recovery operations. It may be necessary to use a cleanroom lab recovery service which would incur additional costs. We will discuss this option with you should it become necessary.

Software Installation

Installation of your purchased software and any updates if required.

Computer Tune Up

Computer running slow? We'll give your computer a thorough clean to ensure it is running at it's best, removing unnecessary files and programmes, installing important updates, removing the build up of dust internally and recommending improvements.

Data Transfer

We will transfer your files from an old computer to your new one. This does not included programmes, which would be installed separately.

Computer Setup

We'll install and setup your computer, connect to your internet connection, connect peripherals and ensure that all important updates are installed.

Virus Threats

The feed from Symantec below shows the latest threats as they are discovered.

Level 1 and 2 threats are reasonably harmless and containable, though you will see them change on an almost daily basis and should not be content to 'worry less' about these, they are still threats to your privacy and enjoyment of your PC if not removed.