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Google Chrome has been the most popular browser since May 2012 and 88% of internet users use Google to perform internet searches, but did you know that Google offers so much more.

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Let’s take a look at a few things you might not be so familiar with.

If you open a Google account you will have access to Google Drive, which is 5GB of free cloud storage and a free web-based office suite that allows you to create and edit documents online. Store and access your files from anywhere, on any device – desktop, laptop, phone or tablet – and share files without the need to email them as attachments, just upload and share your files or folders.

You will also get a free email account called Gmail which you can also access on any device. 10GB of email storage, video chat, voice chat and the ability to check other email accounts means you will never miss out on those important messages.

Do you already use Google Chrome?

I will be posting a number of blogs about various Google applications over the coming months, so it will be useful to know how many of my readers use Google Chrome.

Leave a comment below if you already use Google Chrome and why you prefer it to other browsers. Maybe you don’t, and you use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Opera, let me know which browser you use and why you prefer it to other browsers. A bad experience with Google Chrome or just never tried it, you can download Google Chrome from this link, it is quick and easy and you can always remove it afterwards.

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