Money for Nothing

We have all seen or heard the warning of ‘If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is’ but what if it is true.

I am going to recommend two websites to you, one will pay you a cashback amount on your online purchases and the other will give money to charity, both at no cost to you.

The first is TopCashBack and the link is TopCashBack. This is actually a referral link from me and yes, if you use it, sign up and use TopCashBack I will receive a fee. This doesn’t come out of any of your potential earnings and this is not the reason for this blog entry.

So, how does it work? Simple really. Rather than ordering an item, or signing up to a service or financial product, over the phone or directly through a retailer’s website, if you go to the retailer or provider via a cashback site you’ll receive a percentage of the cost of your purchase back into your cashback website account. Over the course of a year, this could amount to hundreds of pounds. TopCashBack get a commission for purchases you make at around THREE THOUSAND major retailers and pass this all back to you as cashback. How can they do this? The site is supported by the adverts and sponsored links which are clearly labelled as ‘zero cashback’ throughout the site. If any of their members ever click a sponsored link, then that helps to support the site. Merchants, and their tracking agencies, are also prepared to pay them bonuses from time to time.

For any online purchases that will not earn you cashback I recommend using GiveAsYouLive. It works in the same way but the ‘cashback’ is paid to a charity of your choosing.

In three months I have been paid £89.46 by TopCashBack and have raised £2.06 for the Woodland Trust via GiveAsYouLive, all for services and items I was buying anyway.

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