accelerometerst.exe system error

accelerometerst.exe system error message

If you are suddenly getting this message when you turn on your HP laptop. Do not worry as there is a simple solution.

The accelerometerST.exe file is part of the Hewlett-Packard 3D DriveGuard program that protects the hard drive from shocks and drops. In the event of a shock the part of the hard drive responsible for reading the data is moved to a safe position to prevent damage to your data. Whilst this will protect your data in many cases it should never be seen as an alternative for taking regular backups of your data.

Solution to accelerometerst.exe system error

Uninstall the HP 3D DriveGuard program from your computer via the Control Panel.

Once uninstalled restart the computer.

Go to Hewlett-Packards customer support website located at

Enter your product name, number or serial number and wait for the available drivers to be shown.

The HP 3D DriveGuard software will be listed under the Driver-Chipset heading.

Download and install the program then restart the computer.

That’s it. The software will be protecting your hard drive again and you will no longer see a system error message.

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