Still Running Windows Vista – It’s time to move on.

Windows Vista and Windows 10 installation media

Windows Vista will no longer be supported from April 11 2017

Windows Vista was released in 2006 as the successor to Windows XP. It was not a popular version of Windows and never really stood a chance. There are however a small percentage of people still using Windows Vista. If you are one of these people then you need to be aware. From April 11 2017, you will no longer receive new security updates or non-security fixes from Microsoft. You will not be protected against threats and bugs discovered after this date.

In other words, it’s probably time for a new computer.

Why a new Computer?

Windows Vista was released back in 2007 so there’s a good probability that the hardware in your Windows Vista machine just isn’t up to the job anymore. Technology has moved on and so have we as users. one issue when looking at older machines is the potential cost to upgrade. If the machine needs more memory, a larger hard drive and then the new Operating System you could be looking at paying out a similar amount to a brand new computer. That ageing processor might just about cope with Windows 10 but wouldn’t you rather have a fast up-to-date machine that could see you through the next 10 years?

How much would a new machine cost me?

Cost is always going to come down to personal preference. E.g. what you want to get out of the machine. If you are just looking at a new machine to perform simple tasks then for around £350 we can provide a brand new laptop or desktop computer with Windows 10 installed and copy your data from the Windows Vista machine. We will also give you an introductory lesson to Windows 10. The move to a new operating system is not as bad as you think.

Do I have any other options?

Again, depending on what you use the machine for, a free operating system can be installed on the Windows Vista machine after backing up your data. This costs £50, and we will show you around the new operating system.

The one option we would not recommend is to carry on using Windows Vista. The risk of compromise will increase once support ends and you will come across more apps and devices that will not work with Windows Vista.

It is time to move on.

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  1. Read and beware..

    An older guy reluctant to embrace a change, I am still using Vista despite being strongly advised to migrate to the new pc I have had for one and a half years. Embarrassed and quite ashamed to have not transferred files to start using the windows 10 and new machine Brian provided. I now find my system has crashed and desperately need to make the effort to upgrade.

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