Browser Security

Browser security is a very important part of keeping you safe online.  Your browser is one of the main tools you use to access the Internet.  It is a software program that allows you to visit web pages and use web applications.  Unless you have been more adventurous than most you are probably using one of the top five browsers:  Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Opera.

Top 5 browsers
Top 5 browsers

Whichever browser you are using though, cyber attackers can be pretty certain you will have at least one on your computer which is why they make browsers one of their primary targets.  They search for, and find, programming errors and other flaws in browsers which are known as vulnerabilities.  These vulnerabilities can be exploited, giving attackers access to, and sometimes even complete control, over your computer.

The browser developers release patches to fix these vulnerabilities which is why it is essential that you always have the latest version of your browser installed.  Having the latest version will ensure your browser has these known issues fixed.

Check the browser security of all browsers installed on your computer, even if you do not use them they are still vulnerable to attacks.

To manually check whether your browser is up to date follow the instructions below:


Click on the Chrome menu button and then click on the About Google Chrome link.
Chrome Browser Security


Click on the Firefox button, click Help then click About Firefox.

Internet Explorer

Updates for Internet Explorer are included when you install Windows updates.


Safari is no longer developed for Windows and the last update was in May 2012. If you have Safari installed on your Windows based computer it is recommended that you remove it.


Click on the Opera button, click Help then click Check for updates.

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