Amazon Autorip

Amazon’s Autorip service is now live in the UK

As of today when you buy an AutoRip-eligible CD or vinyl record from you will get a digital copy for free.

Amazon will even put all your previous eligible purchases into your Cloud Player next time you log in, so you can stream or download all the albums you forgot you owned on your web browser, iPhone, Android device or Kindle Fire.


So what are the benefits of AutoRip?

  • You can enjoy your music before the CD or vinyl arrives in the post
  • No need to manually copy your CD or vinyl to the computer
  • Get free MP3 versions of all past AutoRip-eligible purchases
  • Access your music on the move with Cloud Player
  • Keep your music safe in Cloud Player
  • How It Works

  • Buy any AutoRip CD. They’re easy to spot; just look for the AutoRip logo on the artwork or in the product description.
  • Once you’ve completed your purchase, log in to your Cloud Player (every UK customer has one – it’s free!) and your album will be waiting for you to stream or download. If you’ve pre-ordered the album, you’ll have to wait until release date.
  • You can now access your music wherever you are; on PC or Mac, Android or iPhone and Kindle Fire devices.

  • I just logged in and found 348 songs added to my Cloud Player, which included two CD’s that I had forgotten about.

    Visit Amazon now, click on the main Amazon logo then MP3s & Cloud Player. Then click on the link for which device you want to use.

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