Laptop Hinge Repair

You have to be really lucky to drop a laptop and not damage it. Broken screens and broken hinges are the most common result of a drop or fall. Thankfully neither has to be an expensive repair.

What are the different hinge repair options?

Replace the laptop case

This will be a more expensive repair. Another laptop with the same make and model number needs to be sourced before swapping the relevant case part for the broken model. This type of hinge repair will take longer to complete and there is no guarantee of finding the parts needed. When given the option most customers prefer the bolt method of hinge repair.

Epoxy Glue

Some companies use an epoxy glue solution to ‘rebuild’ the broken plastic that holds a brass threaded insert in place. Using this method I have had customers return needing a repeat repair. Depending on how much damage to the laptop and available space inside, the epoxy glue is not always an option.

Low Profile bolts

This involves drilling through the laptop and securing the hinges with low profile bolts. These bolts are secured in place, strengthened and capped if required. This is my chosen method of repair. It might not be the best looking but the repair is cheap and effective.


A laptop hinge repair is a low cost repair and if your screen needs replacing at the same time, we will carry out the screen replacement under the same labour charge.

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