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Laptop Screen versus pen

Laptop screen repair is the second most common repair we carry out on laptops.  Due to their portability they are more likely to be dropped.  Normally this is off the edge of the sofa when that momentary lapse of concentration sees your laptop nose dive to the floor. Falling off a bed is also a good bet for a broken laptop screen. Getting comfortable or actually dropping off yourself are the normal explanations.

Leaving something on the laptop keyboard, commonly a pen, and closing the lid is another favourite for breaking screens as is actually sitting on them.

However you manage to break the screen, it does not have be the end of life for the laptop. Laptop screen repair is a relatively quick process and can cost as little as £80 with the repaired laptop back with the customer within 24 hours.

Can I carry out my own laptop screen repair?

If you can source a replacement screen and feel confident in your own abilities then, like any repair, yes you can carry out the laptop screen repair yourself.

My number one tip would be, plug an external monitor into the laptop to make sure it is only the screen that needs replacing before you start.

The bezel round the screen is normally secured with 2 or 4 screws and clips that hold it in place. Sometimes double sided tape is used. Take care as any damage caused attempting your own repair will result in more expensive repair costs if you cannot complete it yourself.

Sig-ma’s Procedure?

We aim to have your laptop screen repair complete and ready to collect as quickly as possible. We will try to do this within 24 hours. Due to screen ordering times and deliveries this may not always be possible.

We will first check to make sure that the screen is at fault. If a replacement screen is required we will open up the laptop to get the correct part number. Once we have the correct part number we can give you an accurate price for the repair. The total cost of the repair will be £30 labour + price of the screen + courier charges.

All screens have a 90 day warranty.

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