Internet Connection Speeds

With news just out that rural high speed internet connections have been delayed and won’t be expected to be completed for at least a couple of years, it would be interesting to see what kind of speeds you are getting.

I have just been to and completed the test there by clicking on begin test then share this result when it had completed. This is my result:-


Nice to know I am in the bottom 9% of internet connection speeds.

How do you compare? Go to the website and complete the test. If you have a facebook account it would be great if you could share your result and mention Sig-ma in your status, so that I can see the results. To link to my business page on facebook just type @Sig-ma anywhere in the status and a link will be created. You can also post the link in the comments box of this blog post if you want or if you do not have a facebook account.

Let’s see who has the best and the worst of connections.

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