Computer Tune Up

It is a simple fact that over time computers slow down. You might think this is inevitable and that only a new computer will give you back the speed you once had.

Whilst in some cases the hardware might well be the cause of the problem; for instance, some computers with only the minimum ram installed are bound to struggle as soon as you have a number of programmes open. In most cases though, your computer is probably just crying out for a tune up.

We recommend you have a tune up carried out on your computer at least once a year.

We’ll carry out the following and you’ll have your computer back working as efficiently as possible.


  • Remove temporary and unnecessary files
  • Clean the registry of obsolete entries
  • Remove unnecessary startup programmes
  • Remove all Spyware, Malware and Viruses
  • Install all windows updates and drivers
  • Update software to patch vulnerabilities
  • Install FREE anti virus software if required
  • Defrag your hard drive
  • Clean the dust fans and components

  • So, if you are putting up with a slow, unresponsive computer, don’t delay. Book your computer in for a tune up today.

    Our tune ups are usually completed within 24 hours, if you need more information contact us

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